Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas! Day and Eve and so on

We enjoyed our own Christmas Eve celebration at home and let the kids open their gifts to each other that night before they went to bed.  Jensen did a fine job with his gift choices for his sisters, but what they chose for him pretty much made his entire year.

I'm sure every little guy who has a sister has been introduced to Frozen and either has a love or hate relationship with the story.  Ever since we got our own copy, Jensen has taken right to it and sings Let it Go along with the girls at the drop of a hat.  His real reasons for loving this movie are Olaf (who can blame him?) and Sven.  He can't pronounce their names correctly, but sounds like a sweet little French boy when he talks about "Aloh" his favorite snowman.

I apologize for the length of the video - who knew how tough it would be to undo that wrapping paper?!

2014-12-24 19.03.33 from amy dronen on Vimeo.

Once everyone was tucked away all snug in their beds, "Jingle" got to work rearranging the gift explosion and putting out special presents from her and from Santa.

I won't go into the bike confusion come Christmas morning, but let's just say that no one chose the correct bike and they switched helmet choices several times before landing on the ones Santa picked for them in the first place.   This is what "Jingle" gets for not labeling the presents...

Gigi got Jensen a super soft and snuggly Star Wars blanket with his favorite character, Darth Vader and some other dudes from those movies.  Yes, at age two he has already crossed over to the dark side.

For the girls, Gigi chose Frozen sheet sets with reversible Anna/Elsa pillow cases AND big girl full-sized pillows!  They couldn't wait for me someone to put their new sheets on their beds!

Jensen loved his Thomas the Tank Engine Big Wheel and rode it around the house all morning.  It has many bells, whistles, and strange self-affirming comments from Thomas himself ("I'm a VERY useful engine...").  Odd.

We had monkey bread, cheesy scrambles, and humongous sausage patties and sat around in our jammies looking at all of our new stuff.  We weren't expected up at Mark's parent's house until early afternoon when Tresha's family was set to arrive so we weren't in any hurry to do much of anything and it was great.

The kids sat nicely through several rounds of pictures and me fumbling with the flash, horrible lighting, and someone either moving or blinking in each shot.

Ilsa sat on her bike for a minute and then decided it was too big for her (it was supposed to be Freya's bike) and said she'd just ride Freya's old bike this year.  I guess Santa doesn't know everything, does he.  Cue sad music.

We did our second round of gift opening a few hours later, played with all of the new toys, wore new light-up cowboy boots, and cherished our family time!

Merry Christmas to all and I hope next year my kids appreciate their Santa gifts...

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Jingle 2014

Jingle showed up late this year, but certainly made up for it in silliness!  The girls loved that the pig trapped her in a jar, that she was floating with their balloon, and that she used their stickers to decorate the window.  I loved that last one too, as stickers are super easy to peel off of glass.  Good one, self  Elf!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

picture round-up

Some hidden phone treasures:

1.  2nd birthday chocolate donut holes = hillbilly toddler

2.  Popcorn/movie night with Nana (The Lego Movie!)

3.  The thrill/fear of the Seahawks game

4.  Our Christmas tree a week before the big day

6.  Sushi in Cashmere.  WHAT??!!

7. Pecan and pumpkin cheesecake pies for Fake Christmas (the weekend before with Skip's family)

8.  The space between the couch cushion and Daddy's armpit is the most glorious napping spot

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas card compilation

Our children are getting really good at posed pictures.  It might be the promise of new pajamas, special curled and sprayed hair, or just getting to see each picture as it is taken, but who cares!

These are the shots I used for this year's card:


And my favorite, the outtakes:

Merry Christmas, from Payless...Merry Christmaaaaas!  (you know you're singing along)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas wishes

The girls were really excited to write their own Christmas lists this year.  Ilsa worked hard on hers and then wouldn't let me take a picture of it.  Freya kept thinking of more and more things to add so hers became a Christmas manifesto.  It's pretty impressive!

I found this lovely letter on the dining room table and couldn't help but share.