Tuesday, November 17, 2015

school pictures 2015

Ilsa - Kindergarten

Freya - 2nd Grade

Thursday, November 12, 2015

mini photo dump

My blog has caught up to my life, people.  

I think I can hear all of your polite golf claps over this monumental feat of mine.

Anyway, here is what was leftover in my phone from the past week or so.

1.  We got some new furniture in the living room.  It's all leather.  The kids are having a hard time not treating the couch like a trampoline and Ilsa got caught doing some gymnastic moves.  Mark doled out the consequence of her action and decided that having to write "I won't play on the couch" was a good one.  Ilsa took it pretty seriously and worked on her sentence for over 30 minutes, only asking with help spelling two of the words.

Mischief Managed!  

Sorry, we're hitting Harry Potter pretty hard in our house these days.

2.  Speaking of all things nerd, I found the epitome of geekdom the other day and am now trying to convince someone in Mark's family to get it for their secret Santa this year (we draw names).  I don't know who anyone else has drawn, but someone must get it for one of the Dronen siblings!

3.  Weekend mornings are pretty laid back at our house, other than the usual routine of getting dressed/brushing hair/brushing teeth/making beds.  But once all of that is done, the kids usually find something to play with that they haven't visited in a while and sometimes they even play together. Jensen got his train set out and basically told Freya to put it together for him.  And she did, several times, because he kept breaking it on purpose.  What a punk!

4.  We try to have a popcorn/movie night every few weekends and just happened to have a free Saturday evening last weekend.  The kids chose Inside/Out (even though we saw it down in CA this summer) and we all snuggled up with our snacks and blankets to enjoy.  I have to admit, I love Sadness.  I laughed the hardest at her Debbie Downer attitude.  There is probably something wrong with me.

5.  I wasted an insane amount of time Googling ideas for a Christmas card display.  The last one I had was created by my sister and finally fell apart when I was taking it down last year. I hang the cards we receive over our fireplace which is composed of a sweet geometric wood paneling that doesn't allow for much other than something that can hang on a pushpin.  I had some pretty great aspirations and then realized I had neither the time nor the skill to do any of them so I landed on this lovely wire and clothes pin contraption on which I can hang ornaments.  I approximate that it will take me 10 minutes to complete and that's about all the time I have to devote anyway.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

All Hallows' Eve

I picked up some costume make up for the girls' costumes and found some outfit-appropriate doodles for their faces.  

Freya was going to be a Fancy Pirate, so she chose the crossbones (no skull, please), some fun swirls, and a light dusting of gold eye shadow. 

Ilsa was going as the Cupcake Queen and let me talk her into a cupcake, a rainbow with clouds, and some funky purple eye shadow.

We headed up to Grandpa and Grandma's house for a spaghetti feed before the downtown extravaganza and my little monsters posed very nicely on the porch right before it started raining!


Peyton was adorable in his Bilbo Baggins costume.  Tresha thought of every single detail, down to adding some furry yarn to the tops of his Crocs so he would have authentically hairy Hobbit feet!

We parked at Uncle Ben's house and walked to the Trunk-or-Treat at the church parking lot.  It was pretty busy, but everyone hit at least 6 of the booths and all three got to use the rubber band gun to shoot at some Styrofoam cups, so that was interesting.

Next up was the party at the Cashmere Fire Hall.  It was super packed and smelled like oil and tires, but they had lots of fun and got more goodies.  I suggest, to anyone who has been to a gathering like this, that you say no to the 'story tent' if some nice lady coerces your children in there.  The story took at least 15 minutes and the parents were incredibly bored waiting for their children!   They did get a free book for sitting through it, but honestly, it wasn't worth it to me.

Jensen didn't go in so he and Uncle Ben - the coolest SeaSquatch ever - played with glow stick swords instead.

We started the candy march down Cottage Avenue sometime around 6:00 pm and I have to say, I was again so impressed by the showmanship of the people who live on that street! They really put their all into making it a memorable and spooky outing for kids of all ages.

The house in the picture below was like an old asylum with moving shadows upstairs and even a noose hanging in the window.  Luckily, the kids don't catch on to much of any of that, they just want the candy and leave it to the parents to notice the disturbing decor!

Ilsa was still battling low-energy and a cough, so she was dragging a bit.

Freya was like the Energizer Bunny - she couldn't wait to get to the next house and sometimes forgot that she was with other people!


We stopped for a quick picture of my little minion with some of his buddies...

Then we ended our night at Great Grandma's annual party with some donuts, candy, and chasing cousins around the house.

There wasn't time to dump out the buckets and do a candy check that night, so I promised the kids they could do it in the morning and eat some candy before breakfast.   They even paid the parent tax (one piece from each bucket) and did some bargaining with each other to get rid of what they didn't want.

Halloween becomes more fun every year as they grow older - and the candy piles get bigger. Win/Win!

All Hallows' Morn

We're fighting the sickness in our house.  You know, the one that is an amalgam of every possible germ that small children can be carrying but can't be treated with any medication?  

Halloween weekend activities were kept to a minimum so that the sickies would have energy for some heavy-duty action Saturday evening.

We took advantage of the free pumpkin painting contest at our local grocery store and cousin Peyton was there to join in.  

The three-and-under set did some impressive Jackson Pollock interpretations while the older two went for a colorful pumpkin face (Freya) and what appears to be the Eye of Sauron (Ilsa).

There were yummy purple cake cookies and hot chocolate to enjoy once the painting was finished.

The kids all did well until Peyton knocked his full cup onto the floor and Jensen spilled his drink down his shirt and pants.

Insert super sad mustache face here:

While the girls rested at home, I took Jensen into town for a much-needed haircut and a last minute costume/make up supply run at Walmart.

I love it when I can see his little face without all of that hair!

Monday, October 26, 2015

2nd Grade is great!

Freya's teacher, Miss Smith, is pretty cool.  She has a private blog for all of her students and families to keep track of what's going on in her class.

She also takes some wonderful pictures of all of the kids - way better than I can do, so I'm thankful!

I think it's pretty obvious that Freya is miserable at school.  Poor little girl!