Tuesday, May 20, 2014

our very first class picture

Do you remember what class pictures were like in elementary school?  I do because I was always in the front row, without fail.

Each year I would sit in one of the tiny school chairs, cross my hands on my lap and cross my feet at the ankles and smile demurely.  My smile was bigger and happier before I had to get glasses, but that's for another time.

Look at my girl - third row, smiling big, cute hair, cute shirt, cute face!  If she is this photogenic in Kindergarten, things can only get better.

This is only the beginning, folks.  You will not only have to endure all of Freya's class pictures, but Ilsa's and Jensen's as well.  There is a whole lot of cuteness coming your way...

Saturday, May 17, 2014

popcorn and movie night: a mother's view

Freya, always the first one finished with her initial bowl of popcorn.  She is like her father who eats his entire bag of popcorn during the previews in the movie theater and then has nothing left for the actual feature. 

Jensen picks at his, Ilsa enjoys hers one kernel at a time.  Freya eats her bowl.

Ilsa stands up suddenly and spills her entire bowl on the ground and couch.  Both girls rush to pick up each piece before the furry vacuum (Coda) realizes what has happened and pushes her way in.

Jensen sees something exciting on screen so he stands up for about 30 seconds.  Freya forgets that she is helping her sister clean up the mess.

Jensen remembers that he was eating popcorn too and gets back down to business before giving up and feeding it piece by piece to the dog.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

squinty face buzz cut and his dog

I couldn't stand my poor boy's special hair cut.  I had to fix it, even though I don't know what I'm doing and it involved clippers.  Thank goodness for all of those sizes and settings and that a military cut looks good on such a little face!

Also, he's suddenly developed the squinty face look.  It's not quite a smile, but not an angry face either.  He almost looks skeptical when he does it.  Either way, it makes me laugh!

Another new thing is the doll stroller.  We have two, the one above being the fancier of the two, the other smaller and made of plastic and better for racing up and down the hallway.  He is particular about who sits in the stroller and always chooses the creepy Dora looking doll over anything else.  If I try to put one of his stuffed animals in there he becomes angry and throws it out.  I guess it's not really called a puppy stroller, so his disgust with my choice is somewhat justified.

I just like this picture because he looks like a little boy and not so much of a baby.  Plus his mouth is full of crackers and he had to bust his way into the bathroom to show me.

And his last and most favorite obsession, Coda.  He is constantly sitting on her bed with her, nuzzling her,  hitting petting her, and talking gibberish to her.  She puts up with it, especially if the tv is on because she zones out and doesn't notice him sitting there.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

training wheels be gone!


Uncle Ben devised a way to teach Freya how to ride without her training wheels and it was pretty awesome!  I have no video of that part of her day, but he took a bath towel and looped it across her back and up behind her neck so while she rode, he could run beside her holding the towel and helping her practice her balance without any major crashes.  

I think it's genius and he should market it because she was riding like a pro after about an hour.  I'm calling it "The Dronen Method" and will be coercing him into some patenting and instructional videos soon...

Freya is beyond excited and feels really comfortable riding without help.  How cool!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

some things are better left untouched

Jensen's hair was getting long, so we thought we'd cut it.  Such a bad, bad idea.

Probably should have stopped there, but we didn't.

Going a little too short in the back...

Anyone remember how to blend?  Anyone?

He seems happy, but he doesn't know any better.

Thank goodness that's over!