Sunday, January 25, 2015

photo purge

1.  Coach Dronen at a varsity game


2.  Forcing my children to watch Mary Poppins.  They refused for at least a year so finally I said this is what we're watching for popcorn/movie night.  They loved it.  Mother knows best...

3.  Sister pillow pet.  She is super comfy!

4.  Watching 'Frank' while the girls have quiet time (reading in their room)

5.  Mark was gone for an away game and I masterfully got all three kids in bed at 7:30.  I had to send him pictures to gloat.

6.  Freya was student of the month in her class for January.  Notice the puffy left cheek?  She also had an infected molar which was gross and painful and would have been worse not for our fantastic pediatric dentist who stayed open late, gave us the medication at no charge, and made the whole thing less scary for Freya.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

if I die of a stroke, blame the Seahawks

Beth and Keith invited us to their house for a Christmas/new baby/double-birthday/Seahawks game celebration.  The kids had yet to meet their new cousin because they kept passing a head cold to each other and I barely let them touch me, let alone a brand new baby!  Also, this kept us apart for Christmas so we put that off until we could get our two families together.  Plus it was a week past AJ's birthday and the Terry's hadn't made it to Ilsa's party, so we had that to celebrate as well.  Not to mention the NFC Championship game which is what the guys were more interested in anyway. 

We had leftover Frozen cupcakes from Ilsa's birthday and I made Seahawks-themed cupcakes for AJ's birthday so we covered all of the bases.

The girls were super excited to hold their new cousin.  Freya gets the arm positioning a bit more than Ilsa, but both did really well and were very careful with her.  Luckily Ava was a good sport and didn't squirm or cry for either of them.

I find it unnecessary to talk in length about the football game.  Here are some key points from my perspective:

  • Richard Sherman's end zone interception of Aaron Rodgers in the first four minutes of the game should have set the tone for the ENTIRE Seahawks team.  It did not.
  • For the love of all things holy, please stop targeting Jermaine Kearse.  PLEASE.
  • I love a good trick play and I love Jon Ryan's facial expressions.
  • On-side kicking is a scary thing, unless it works.
  • It is amazing to me what this football team can accomplish within a two-minute span.
  • Angry Doug Baldwin is productive Doug Baldwin.
  • I admire the belief that Russell Wilson has in every single one of his teammates, and especially himself.  It's not cockiness, it's just pure belief.

Sadly, we did not watch the final 5 minutes of regulation (the score was 19-7, Green Bay) because my husband decided not to want to be there anymore.  He basically shut down and wanted to go home.  So we grabbed all of our stuff, shoved ourselves into the car, and spent the 10 minute drive home in complete silence.  It was brutal.

We got home and I immediately took Jensen down the hall for a diaper change while Mark curled up on the couch to mourn.  Not a minute later, he yelled down the hall, "Ame, they're still playing - it's in OT!" to which I responded, "No way.  Are you sure you're not seeing the recap?".  As I was finishing up with Jensen, Mark started screaming, "HE CAUGHT THE BALL! HE CAUGHT THE BALL!  OH MY GOD, HE CAUGHT THE BALL!  WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!! HE CAUGHT IT - HE CAUGHT IT!!" and at that point I tucked my boy under my arm (football style) and ran out to the living room to see Mark clutching his head and staring at the television in disbelief.

Then he went into a long string of apologies about how his behavior had ruined the game for his entire family and how selfish he was, etc.  Honestly, I was about ready to throw in the towel when he wanted to leave, so it wasn't a big deal to me to go home.  Call me a fair-weathered fan!  I just can't fathom how this game turned around - I am still in disbelief! 

Overall, I'm thankful for family that understands the highs and lows of sports in our house and that we had the chance to get together for a quadruple celebration!

On to the Super Bowl and Valentine's Day (that's what's next, right?) !

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Lion, the witch, and the Legos

This is the chaos that joins me in the kitchen some nights while I cook.  I permanently have DUPLO printed backward on the soles of my feet.

super snow day

After another not-so-snowy Christmas and overall bleak winter, we had a good day of snowfall which lead to some fun times outside.

The girls rolled around in the back yard and made some nice snow angels which Jensen subsequently ran through and ruined.  On their third try, I took pictures so that we could prove it happened.

Here is Godzilla himself, wrecking snow art and rubbing it all over his head.

Then we heard neighbor Phil out front shoveling, so we all trekked out there to talk to him. Our children seem to have no idea where the yard ends and the street begins, so they chose to lay in the middle of the street and make snowballs, oblivious to any cars that might drive over them.  

Yes, I took pictures of their cuteness rather than drag them to safety.

Coda has always loved the snow - it has the same affect on her that sugar has for small children.  She puts her snout down and bulldozes around until she comes up with a sweet mustache.

The girls ended their time outside by building a snowman.  Jensen kept asking if he was "Ahlo", so they did their best to make him look like Olaf.  Ilsa threw on a leaf so he'd have a little piece of hair. I think it looks like a nice little snowman toupee.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Supercuts: A young boy's journey

Don't let his face fool you, the girl who cut his hair did a fantastic job and had to work around a crying toddler who sat in my lap the entire time.  I pretty much paid her double because she was worth it!