Saturday, April 19, 2014

all the Kool kids are doing it

It was time to dye eggs for Easter and I was cringing at the idea of the house smelling of vinegar and sulfur and all of those putrid scents that come with coloring eggs!

So I decided to consult Pinterest and came up with someone's brilliant idea of using Kool-Aid to dye our eggs.  That person is my new pretend cyber-best friend and they have no idea.

You have to be a bit creative to get really dark, bold colors, so I mixed some flavors together to get what I wanted.

I went with six basic colors since each girl was coloring six eggs.   I told them they could dip their egg in one color or try one and then put it in another to see what comes out.  There are no wrong colors when dying Easter eggs!

Aren't they beautiful?  And the best part is that my house smelled of fruit punch and lemonade for several days after!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

it was a dark and stormy game...

A few days after the first practice, Freya had her first T-ball game and the weather wasn't pretty!  Somehow we made it through the two innings with minimal sprinkles and no complaints.  

The coaches give each child a choice of hitting off the tee or being pitched to.  If they choose to hit off of a pitch, they get about four or five chances and if they don't connect they get three swings off of the tee.  It makes each at-bat a lengthy process, but sure instills some confidence!


 Freya chose to hit off of a pitch her second time up to bat.  The first time she immediately went to the tee and connected after a few swings.  We talked about it afterward and she said she'd try a "real pitch" the next time - and she did!

Here is her first hit from a pitch:


This t-ball thing ain't so bad.  Let's hope all of the games are only two innings long!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

try might like it

Freya is trying a new sport this spring - T-ball!

She is excited about the glove, the hat...and the glove and hat.  Other than those two things, she doesn't know what's happening or why.  But she smiles a lot!


This was her first ever at-bat and the parent who was helping out asked her if she batted right or left handed.  She just shrugged her shoulders and got set up to bat left-handed.  I had to yell out "RIGHT!" so he could move her around to the other side of the tee.  Day one and I'm already an annoying, nosy sports parent!

I love how I caught him clapping for her after she hit it!

It was an unusually hot afternoon and Ilsa couldn't stand it.  She pretend-napped on my lap until I sprinkled grass on her.  You can see how rosy her cheeks are from the hot, hot sun!

Freya had fun, learned a thing or two about baseball, got some realistic grass stains on her knees, and looked cute doing it!

Friday, April 11, 2014

the reader

This boy likes do things himself.  He also likes to do things himself by himself.   I was lucky to sneak a few pictures while sitting on the other end of the couch pretending to do something else on my phone. 

I like how his legs are actually tucked into the crack of the couch cushions.  It seems comfortable but only for those with inch-long legs!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Flat Stanley: an afterthought

Freya had a project for spring break: to take Flat Stanley with her on adventures and to document the thing she liked doing with him the best.

Mom was gone to California over spring break, therefore nothing got done about Flat Stanley.  I'm not pointing any fingers, because it is highly likely that Flat Stanley would have been forgotten had I been around.

In typical Dronen fashion, we scrambled to get him colored, cut-out, and have a picture taken with them doing something fun.  This was all done the morning of the due date and if you look closely you'll notice that Freya is holding a piece of lavender chalk and pretend coloring a yellow sun.  The numbers just don't add up, people.  Luckily Freya's teacher doesn't know I have this blog...

Flat Stanley, our adventures together were short and...untruthful.