Saturday, April 12, 2014

try might like it

Freya is trying a new sport this spring - T-ball!

She is excited about the glove, the hat...and the glove and hat.  Other than those two things, she doesn't know what's happening or why.  But she smiles a lot!


This was her first ever at-bat and the parent who was helping out asked her if she batted right or left handed.  She just shrugged her shoulders and got set up to bat left-handed.  I had to yell out "RIGHT!" so he could move her around to the other side of the tee.  Day one and I'm already an annoying, nosy sports parent!

I love how I caught him clapping for her after she hit it!

It was an unusually hot afternoon and Ilsa couldn't stand it.  She pretend-napped on my lap until I sprinkled grass on her.  You can see how rosy her cheeks are from the hot, hot sun!

Freya had fun, learned a thing or two about baseball, got some realistic grass stains on her knees, and looked cute doing it!

Friday, April 11, 2014

the reader

This boy likes do things himself.  He also likes to do things himself by himself.   I was lucky to sneak a few pictures while sitting on the other end of the couch pretending to do something else on my phone. 

I like how his legs are actually tucked into the crack of the couch cushions.  It seems comfortable but only for those with inch-long legs!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Flat Stanley: an afterthought

Freya had a project for spring break: to take Flat Stanley with her on adventures and to document the thing she liked doing with him the best.

Mom was gone to California over spring break, therefore nothing got done about Flat Stanley.  I'm not pointing any fingers, because it is highly likely that Flat Stanley would have been forgotten had I been around.

In typical Dronen fashion, we scrambled to get him colored, cut-out, and have a picture taken with them doing something fun.  This was all done the morning of the due date and if you look closely you'll notice that Freya is holding a piece of lavender chalk and pretend coloring a yellow sun.  The numbers just don't add up, people.  Luckily Freya's teacher doesn't know I have this blog...

Flat Stanley, our adventures together were short and...untruthful.

Monday, April 7, 2014

trip of a tiny lifetime

My boy and I, we took a trip.

We needed to go down to California to see Great Papa (my Papa) and Gigi (my Grandma).

Like all great trips, ours had some fun moments, like this one in the giant bathroom stall at SeaTac.  God bless whoever it is that invented the children's bathroom jump seat.  Fantastic.

Our flight down was on a tiny, tiny plane that was packed to the gills.  Jensen didn't like that he had to sit on my lap, so he chose not to.  Instead, he made friends with the two rows in front of us who were mostly teenagers from a high school sports team.  Thankfully they were receptive to his advances and let him watch their movies with them and gave him as many high fives as he could handle.

We took it easy the first night and treated ourselves to a room at the Marriott after having a late dinner at my cousin Elyse's house in Studio City.  Jensen didn't love that I expected him to sleep in the hotel-provided pack and play, so he spent the night flopping around my bed and ruining my attempt at resting.

The next morning, bad baby took it upon himself to ransack my bag while I was in the bathroom and found a banana.  He decided he couldn't wait for me to help him, so instead of peeling it, he bit through it like a wild dog.  He does a lot of things that are similar to that of a wild dog.  Must be the age.

When we got to my grandparent's house, they were prepared for the little busy person and had a whole case of Matchbox cars ready for him.

Then Gigi showed him the three magnets that he could play with (the rest were breakable or choking hazards) and then she took him on a tour of the bedrooms because that is where he wanted to go.

Later that afternoon, I had some work to do and couldn't find the password to their WiFi, so I drove around hoping Jensen would take a nap and that I could use someone's free WiFi.  I remembered that the library wasn't too far, so I parked in their lot, used their internet, and Jensen napped for a bit.  It was like having a mobile office except my secretary was asleep on the job.

My Aunt Kathy organized a girl's night for all of us cousin's at her house, so we headed there to eat, talk, and let the kids play.

This is Abby, my cousin Allison's 5 1/2 year-old, who did a great job keeping Jensen entertained!

Then Uncle Michael came home from a Knights of Columbus gathering and he was the new favorite!

My grandparents have a large collection of singing/dancing stuffed animals that Jensen was in love with - he couldn't stop bringing them to us so that we could push the button for him.  Once he figured out how to do it himself, he would let it sing for a few seconds and then start it over.  It was like a sick children's rap song and just about drove me nuts!

Jensen and Great Papa were instant pals.  There is just something about that little guy, something extra sensitive where he senses who needs his attention the most and willingly gives it.  The picture below looks like he is pushing Papa over, but he was actually going in for a hug, I just have horrible phone camera skills.

They did laps around the pool and would sit on the diving board to rest, then get up and keep going.  The weather was lovely and the sun did them both some good!

We had a few hours to ourselves while Gigi and Great Papa left to get their hair cut, so we dipped our feet in the pool.  It wasn't warm, but it was refreshing and kept Jensen in one spot for a bit.

Then the pants got too wet so they had to come off.  He was perplexed by this and kept walking up to them and kicking them or standing on them.

The sun wore him out, so we put jammies on early and did some snuggling with Great Papa.

The next day was more being busy and, of course, more stuffed friends (and a creepy talking baby doll).

Allison and her husband, Travis, hosted a barbecue the night before we left and Jensen decided to take a liking to all of the guys.  He had them following him around, getting him toys, and pretty much doing whatever he wanted.  It was a nice break for me.

Here he is, making my cousin Jonathan and his wife Jackie pose for a family portrait.  He really looks like he could be their child!

Then he latched on to my cousin Lauren's husband, Pete.  They found some throwing stars that Travis had made to combat the giant squirrel population and Pete showed Jensen the correct way to handle them.

We spent the rest of our evening looking at pictures and flipping through the family calendar I sent my grandparents this past Christmas.

New day, more of the same!

The flight to Seattle wasn't as fun, except for the pretty and friendly flight attendant's that Jensen flirted with. If I didn't keep food or drink in his mouth, he freaked out.  Then he passed out right before we landed.  It was really, really great.

Like every other time I'm there, I was so sad to leave, but I carry the memories with me every day - and I send lots of pictures so they can see their great-grandchildren whenever they want to!