Thursday, April 2, 2015

Johnny Drama


This little snippet was sent from day care.  One of the little girls brought in her Frozen karaoke microphone and Jensen became obsessed with it.  The sincerity on his little face is what kills me!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

gone clamming

We headed down to Gearhart for the weekend to spend some time with Skip's family and to go clamming.  This is something Skip has done several times and Mark thought it sounded fun, so he got some boots, did a little research, and they hit the beach early Saturday morning.  Tresha and Peyton met them there and then they all came back to the house to clean their catch.

They did such a great job cleaning (I hopped in there for about three, then quit when one wiggled too much) that we headed to the Fort George brewery in Astoria for beers and lunch.  The restaurant was really busy, so we walked down around the corner to the actual brewery which is more kid friendly, oddly enough.



Saturday evening we took drinks and snacks down to the beach down the road from their house and the men built a bonfire out of old pallets while the kids built a sand conglomerate of ice cream stores.

The guys took three of the older kids with them Sunday morning and got bigger clams than the day before.  They think it helped having little feet to stomp around and unsettle the clams.  Skip sent us home with half of the day's catch and a vacu-sealed bag of the ones from Saturday.

They don't have much of a shelf-life unless you freeze them, so we planned a good feast for Monday night.

And it was!

Not only did we have a great time with family, but were introduced to the world of clamming.   We'll have to go down again soon when the tides are right!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

just growing up, no big deal

We finally got Ilsa in for her five year check-up, a few months late.  Lovely thing about health insurance, having to wait 12 months from the last yearly visit which continues to put us past her birthday.  I suppose in a few years we'll creep back into December.

Anyway, everything was great!  We saw Dr. Crawford this time because I like all of the people at this practice so whoever has an opening is our doctor for that day.

Nothing to discuss, no worries, and only a few shots to get her caught up and ready for Kindergarten.  She is really excited to start school, so she was okay with the shots!

Current Stats:
Weight - 42 lbs. (52%)
Height - 44.25 inches (75%)
Passed her hearing and eye screenings with flying colors.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

phone dump #496

I want to write longer posts, I really do, but when I look at all of my pictures, there aren't enough to tell a story.  So rather than waste time writing five tiny posts about two or so pictures, I'll shove some unrelated pictures all into one post.

You're welcome.

1.  Mark took the girls down to the state basketball tournament in Yakima, so I got to have a lovely dinner date with this little guy.  He shamelessly flirted with our two servers (two really cute girls) and got himself an extra fruit bowl.

2.  Sometimes, when the house is too quiet, I sneak down the hall to see what everyone is doing. 70% of the time they are up to no good, so these pictures portray the other 30% when they are peacefully playing.

3.  Tresha and Peyton were in town for the weekend and we met up with more family at the neat little cafe, Weeds, downtown for some pastries and coffee.  Afterward we walked along Cottage Avenue and found some of the Gnomes of Cashmere doors.  This town is a bit strange at times, but definitely in a creative way!

  (Bilbo Doublespoons have second breakfasts)

 The gnome door outside of Weeds

The inside of the same gnome door

 Tiny's Fruit Stand gnome door in the produce section at the supermarket

Peyton loving on Coda and sharing her bed.  He is very gentle with her and she loves his company. 

4.  We celebrated Beth's birthday and the cousins had a fun time together.  AJ has grown a lot and is just about as tall as Jensen.  They are learning to share and attempting not to injure each other (on purpose) when they play.  

I was in charge of the birthday cake and tried out a new recipe that had half of the cake covered in a lemon-lime filling.  It ended up looking like slime, so I told her she was having a Ghostbuster's themed party.  Then the top layer decided to crack, so we took a picture of it. Beth added the graphic and sent it to me later.  It tasted good, it just looked dumb.  At least she has a sense of humor!

The End

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

she can do it herself

Freya is in first grade.  Did you know that?  I remind myself of this fact a lot because she is just leaps and bounds beyond where I ever was at age 6.  If you ask my mom, I was scattered, had a short attention span, and just shoved things into my backpack or forgot to bring them home. I'm not sure where she got her writing ability or organizational skills since those genes didn't decide to function for me until middle school.

She took it upon herself, no prompting at all, to make my sister a birthday card.  Of course it was long missing by the time March 15th rolled around because she started it two weeks early.  It's totally the thought that counts.

At school, they having writing sessions and have to choose a real-life topic based on a book their teacher has read to them recently.  I'm unsure of the book (because I didn't ask) but it obviously had to do with fighting with a friend.  I have so many proud mom feelings off of this little paragraph including her hand writing, her spelling, and mostly that she considers her sister a friend.  Who knew?!

I might have fought with Ilsa too if I was Freya because I think Giant Spoons is way more fun than Old Maid.  Excuse me, OLD MAID.