Monday, February 3, 2014

happily floating along

He loves the bath.  Not much else to say there.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

whole lotta football

Our house has been FULL of football madness lately!  The Seahawks won the NFC West Division with a 13-3 record and locked the #1 seed in the post season.  Cousin Reagan made us girls some fancy rainbow loom Seahawk bracelets to add to our cute outfit arsenal.  The girls didn't take them off for days!

Next came the NFC Divisional Round game vs. the Saints.  Another win in the books and more cute outfits!

 Marshawn Inch decided to ride his pony as a pre-game ritual, notice the tongue-out look.

After a nice win over the Saints came the big rivalry - the San Francisco 49ers!  Mark was at this game with Ben and Michelle, so we had to cheer extra loud at home to make up for his absence.  Jensen did a lot of dancing during the commercial breaks and also a lot of staring at the TV.

Touchdowwwwwwn Seaaahawks!  I think I'll always hear Steve Raible's voice when I read that  :)

The final game, the big one, the match-up of the millennium....Superbowl 48!  #1 Defense vs. #1 Offense.  
So much hype and so little follow through on the Broncos part!  Can't hold us!  What a great game and yet, what a let down!

On a completely related side-note, I made some specialty cookies for the occasion:

Cheers to a fantastic season and the achievement of a dream.  Mark says he is content now, his Hawks finally won the big one, now life can move on.  Yeah, right!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

teacher's helper

I finally found a day that I could go help in Freya's class and it was pretty fun!

Mrs. Kriegel treats all parent-helpers as extra teachers, so I was given a lot of tasks and kept very busy. The most fun part, other than watching my girl in a classroom setting, was how all of her classmates love the parent-helpers.  Every project, every task, every water break, I was completely surrounded by children who wanted me to help them or be their partner or just wanted to tell me all about how many cats and dogs they had at their house.

I really enjoyed being able to put faces to names, as Freya comes home with stories or little things that other children have given her.  One little boy gave her a Bakugon (sp?) card.  I am not well-versed in fantasy card games, but married someone who has a grasp of that world (Magic The Gathering, anyone?) and he said it was probably a big deal that the little boy gave Freya a card.  I see it as a random hand-over, like the kid saw it on the playground, picked it up and gave it to Freya.  She doesn't know what it means and it probably means nothing in the scheme of things because they are only five and six and kids that age are weird and do weird things.  It was like taking an Uno card out of the pack and giving it to one of your friends.  Would that have meant anything to you when you were little?  Probably not.  I'm getting off course now.

I learned a whole heck of a lot in my four hours with Mrs. Kriegel and company.

1.  She has the BEST demeanor and a fantastic grasp of that age group.
2.  You don't play around in class, there is no time for that and it isn't tolerated (she is still so nice, in a firm way).
3.  Being the class helper for the day is a big deal.  The girl who helped that day took it very seriously, almost to the point of overkill, but that is kind of who she is.  They seem to love the end of the day when they sit on the carpet and count how many days they have been in school (by 10s), what day of the week (day and number) it is, and then sing a silly little song complete with kazoos and tambourines.
4.  I want to be in Kindergarten too.

Freya is doing really well and is attentive and helpful and a good listener.  Not that I'd heard reports to the contrary, but seeing her among her peers, doing what she does made me very proud.

I only wish I had more time to be in class with her!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

teen wolf

Little brother was looking a big shaggy, which means we were getting "what a cute little girl!" comments. That's not a good thing.

Being the somewhat frugal person I am, I figured I could cut Jensen's hair myself.  Here is what happened to poor Freya when I had that same thought:



She ended up with bangs.  There's really not much more to say about it.

Because of the natural curl, I knew I could get away with a few mistakes, but I made sure to cut the front at an angle so my cute little girl boy wouldn't have bangs!




Friday, January 17, 2014

little mommies

Sometimes mama just needs a bit of help in the morning/afternoon/evening.  I love that the girls open their mouths so Jensen will mimic them and do it too.  He plays right along and does it nicely a few times before blowing applesauce all over them...