Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Oh, Halloween, how I love you and hate you simultaneously.  All of the lead up to this fun holiday and it's over so quickly and your dad eats all of the good chocolate candy out of your bucket while you sleep.  Maybe that is just my own experience.

It is such fun to hear everyone's ideas on what they would like to dress up as for months and months throughout the year.  It's even better to have a Papa and Nana who spring for the costumes and let them choose their own (from a small selection, that is) except for Jensen who doesn't really care yet and likes to dress up, period.

This year we had a Peacock (Freya), a Rose Petal Fairy (Ilsa), and a Puppy (Jensen).  The girls wanted masks to go with their costumes, so we hit up the Craft Warehouse and got some DIY supplies a few weeks before.  They told me where they wanted things placed and I hot glued it all on. I suppose that makes it more of a DIMWYW project (Do It Myself While You Watch).

Not bad for clearance masks and half-off adornments!

While Freya had her school party on Friday, we brought the other two into work so they could show some of the residents their fancy duds.

The Rose Petal Fairy was quite shy when I asked her to pose for me.  Could be the looming copy machine behind her that kept squealing and rattling as she stood there.


The Puppy took a run at me as I attempted a still picture, then stopped to show me his new spider, George, that one of my co-workers, Mary, gave him.

Since Halloween was on a Friday and it is high school football season, Mark was gone with the team to film the game.  He wasn't too pleased about it, but luckily his mom stepped in to help me wrangle everyone to the different activities throughout the night.

First stop was the Trunk-or-Treat carnival at one of the local churches parking lots.  They set up game booths in a semi-circle and kids play game to win prizes - most of which weren't candy and I was really excited about that!  The girls weren't until one of the games won them some glow-in-the-dark bracelets, then it was cool.


I love the pre-teen kid, helping his mom with the bean bag toss, dressed like one of the Duck Dynasty guys.

Grandma was not only a good hand-holder and keeper of Jensen (he walked too slowly for the girls), but she brought her nice camera and took good pictures, unlike these that I've posted from my phone. I should ask her for some of those.

Jensen also chose not to wear his puppy ears most of the time, so he was just another almost-two year-old walking around in some sort of animal outfit.  I imagine he will do much weirder things as time goes by, so I'll let this go.


We rounded out our night at Great Grandma's annual Halloween party with some maple bars and finger foods and then the puppy turned into a zombie and we had to go home.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

a very busy Halloweek

Isn't it fun when holidays fall on a Friday?  I sure think so and appreciate things not feelings so rushed with treats, pumpkin carving, parties, and whatnot.

You know I like a good Halloween treat, especially the sugary ones.  When researching this year's goody for Ilsa and Jensen's day care party, a different thought crossed my mind:  what if I make a healthy treat?  Inconceivable!  (please do your best Wallace Shawn impression while reading that).

There are several other moms who also bring fun treats and I just banked on the fact that at least one of them would do something more fun than my boring, healthy snack.  I was totally right, thank goodness, or it would have been a day of tricks with no treats for the poor children!

Anyway, what I chose to do were mini pumpkin fruit bowls.  A super simple snack involving only fruit, a knife, and a Sharpie.  Done!

You simply slice the top off of a Clementine (or Halo or Sweetheart), use a spoon to scoop out the inside, draw a fun jack-o-lantern face on the front, then add fresh mixed fruit into the hollow "pumpkin".  I used sliced green grapes, raspberries, sliced strawberries, blueberries, and the Clemetine slices to fill mine.

Of course there was some pumpkin carving as well, although I still do the carving part because I don't trust my children with anything sharp - even plastic utensils.  Some day I'll burn out from doing it all myself, but my exhaustion is worth the money saved in ER visits.

The girls were very helpful in scooping out the innards (or "pumpkin nuts" as Ilsa called them) so I only had to clean Jensen's pumpkin this time.  Everyone created their own face and drew it on a piece of paper or just walked me through their idea while I was carving.

The finished products:

Freya's evil guy, Jensen's pirate (I thought that up), and Ilsa's cat.  I like how simple and different and fun they all are!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

water park

Some Saturdays call for pumpkin flavored cake donuts, coffee, and a trip to the park.  We take rain or shine literally here as it was the ugliest day after a night of downpours.  Honestly, anything is better than stir-crazy kids!

Ilsa laughed right here because there was a sizable puddle on the end of the slide and her leggings were completely soaked.

Freya was smart to go second and only have slightly dampened pants.

Jensen endured the wet pants for a short time and then decided he was angry about it and wouldn't move from this spot.

Then he remembered the big plastic drums and got over himself.

Oh, wait, his hands and pants were wet, so a screaming fit ensued.  Time to go!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

sometimes we let the rules slide

Dogs aren't allowed on the couch...unless they slowly creep up next to you and you don't realize you have been petting them for a few minutes.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Papa Warbucks

Each time my parents visit, my dad gives the kids his extra pocket change.  It used to be easier when no one could distinguish one coin from another, but Freya learned all about change in her math unit so she knows if anyone gets more money than anyone else.  Thanks a lot, Vale Elementary.

He diligently goes around the table to each child and gives them the same type of coin until he runs out of that denomination.  It's a very deliberate process and takes a lot of patience for the kids to wait their turn.


And, of course, it's fun for all until someone gets greedy.  Check out Jensen's outstretched hands!

I think this is a pretty good start to their college funds, or at least a cheeseburger or two.